Together 4 Efficiency

Together 4Efficiency® at a glance
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Why waste resources?

Does this sound familiar to you?
Workers or employees walking back and forth,  searching for tools, waiting, searching again, moving equipment from one place to another, bending forward, …

Added value?
ZERO to the customer
ZERO to the workers
ZERO to the company

Together4Efficiency®, our lean training and consulting approach, is simple, fast, efficient and effective.  T4E® is based on participatory improvement processes in the belief that streamlined processes and a highly motivated, qualified workforce make the difference.

T4E® is a flexible, open and networked system that has profoundly changed traditional change management in big and small organizations:

  • Transformation of formal compliancy into proactive participation. 50% reduction of necessary time for sustainable change processes.
  • New organizational setting to master the challenges of a fast paced market in an international context. People and workforce development is essential to guarantee reliable products and services.
  • Cross-functional implementation of knowledge and skills increase the employability of the workforce (individuals and teams).
  • Streamlined training on the job in real life situations produces measurable results: Lean Production, World Class Manufacturing, People Development, Focus Improvement, Value Analysis, Health and Safety in the Workplace, Environment, Preventive and Autonomous Maintenance, Logistics, WPO, Quality, Development of Machinery and Products.


Together 4Efficiency® at a glance

Total Workforce Involvement


  • Hands on training on the job in real life situations
  • Elimination of non value-added training sessions in the classroom
  • Active participation and cross-functional involvement of the entire workforce in improvement processes (key players on all levels, experts, white and blue collars work together and integrate their knowledge)
  • Job rotation to improve well-being and efficiency
  • Significant delegation processes and assignment of direct management activities to the functions that generate value to the client
  • Building on existing knowledge and skills
  • Focus on what is really needed
  • Total integration of technical and soft skills
  • ApprendoInprogress® learning and coaching methodology for sustainable learning processes
  • Building trustful relationships to address and solve errors and critical issues
  • Training supervisors to become team leaders and coaches
  • One cross-functional problem solving methodology and one language
  • Teams identify and solve real issues (no case studies)
  • Even problems and issues that are not easy to identify emerge quickly
  • User friendly visual management and easily accessible communication
  • Cost-effective streamlined training and consulting process
  • Totally customer-oriented
  • Increased motivation, ownership and proactiveness
  • Total workforce involvement
  • Empowerment of people and enhancement of their competencies
  • Increased employability  
  • Internal coaching and tutoring
  • Knowledge and information sharing
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Elimination of waste and non value- added operations
  • Streamlined processes (process output is defined by external customer)
  • Cost reduction of operations
  • Increased profits